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Photos from the World of Mitzvah Heroes

The Mitzvah Heroes Fund, Inc. would like to share with you some pictures of our work in action

Begal-D, Great Dane, Great Animal Assisted Therapist

Meet Begal-D, a Great Dane shown here at 7 weeks old. Begal-D is a member of HAMA, where Avshalom Beni will train Begal-D to be a great animal assisted therapist!

Begal-D and his siblings enjoying lunch Begal-D and his siblings, just days old

Boxes of Books, Rabbi Howard Gorin

Boxes of "unwanted" Jewish Books being picked up by Rabbi Howard Gorin - the books will be packed, cleaned, stamped and eventually sent to Jewish Communities in Nigeria and other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. Boxes and crating supplied by Begal Enterprises.


The TV

"Moshe" wanted a TV.His social worker in the nursing home (in northern Israel) contacted us and explained that he is 67 years old, married, and has 2 children who are 27 years old. Several years ago, he suffered a severe head injury that left him with a sunken skull. He was unconscious and in rehab for about 11 months. He came home but suffered severe agitation in the evening hours. His wife, who is a factory worker, was unable to function during the day. He has been in the nursing home for 4 months. He is primarily wheelchair bound and needs assistance with daily living. Despite his appearance he is capable of maintaining a conversation and remembering things. He is very interested in current events, culture, and sports. His wife was asked to bring him a TV, but she said that she has very little money and is trying to help her daughter out with some dental work.

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