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Inspired by the work
and teachings of
Danny Siegel
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Our Mission Statement

The Mitzvah Heroes Fund, Inc. was started in 2008, by students of Danny Siegel. We are a 'boutique' non-profit organization that is dedicated to the collection and distribution of funds to various little-known Tzedakah projects. We define “Tzedakah” as pure, decent caring or, simply put, “just doing the right thing”. The Mitzvah Heroes Fund is a recognized 501(c)(3).

Based upon Jewish tradition, the Mitzvah Heroes Fund funds both Jewish and non-Jewish programs. And we are devoted to bringing the educational message of Tzedakah to communities and schools throughout North America and Israel.

The Mitzvah Heroes Fund has no paid employees, though the Israel projects manager will occasionally be compensated for his time, based on contributions solicited explicitly for this purpose..

Our specific mission:
  • We want to carry on the important educational and philanthropic work that Danny has begun.
  • Our intention is to perpetuate the same objectives that Danny and Ziv have always adhered to.
  • We believe that money can be used to make miracles happen: it can change people’s lives for the better, restore dignity, provide jobs, food, freedom, well-being for desperate people, and, most of all, offer hope.
  • Our primary interest is seeking out Mitzvah heroes, individuals making things happen, who — with a minimum of operational procedures and bureaucracy as well as a record of exceptional fiscal responsibility — make these things happen in a most striking manner.
  • We realize that some ways to do Tikun Olam (Repairing the World) are too complex and beyond our reach. We consider the other simple and direct solutions - be they on the small, medium, or grand scale - to be our forte.
  • We are devoted to working with people who have a vision of what is right and good and just. They have no personal agenda other than to benefit others. We want to learn from our Mitzvah heroes and relish in the opportunity to do so.

The founders of the Mitzvah Heroes Fund, Inc. have set the following goals:

  • To support identified Mitzvah heroes in their philanthropic work
  • To create and distribute meaningful educational materials for use by educators and students
  • To train educators and lay people in the precepts of Tzedakah education through workshops, conferences, courses and written materials
  • To assist Mitzvah heroes in creating sustainable models for giving and supporting their work, including plans for legacy, disaster and succession planning and lay development
  • To provide leadership development assistance to Mitzvah heroes, Mitzvah administrators and lay people to help them carry out their work meaningfully and efficiently
  • To advocate for the importance of Mitzvah work throughout one’s life and not as a one-time life cycle or community service project
  • To provide hands-on philanthropic training and advice for people seeking to spend their Tzedakah money wisely and efficiently
We believe these goals worthy of the community’s time and attention, necessary to continue the support of important Tikkun Olam already happening, and to perpetuate Danny Siegel’s educational vision.

 US IRS tax ID number is 26-1913966 as an IRS approved 501(c)(3)
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