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The Mitzvah Heroes Fund, Inc. is committed to assisting those Mitzvah heroes in Israel who need our help most.


Our Favorite Mitzvah Heroes include:

  • Avshalom Beni of HAMA - Israel's foremost animal assisted therapist
  • Moshe Yomtov Kot of Lev Ramot - Jerusalem's premier food recovery program
  • The Rabbanit Bracha Kapach of Keren Segulat Naomi - still doing any kind of mitzvah that needs to get done! Summmer camp for about 100 kids for the past 40+ years. Pesach food drive that annually feeds 20,000+. Wedding dress loan program. Weekly food parcels for a 1000 people. And more....
  • Ruth Schlossman of Gift of Comfort - offering massage therapy and alternate healing therapies for survivors of terror
  • Caryn Green of Crossroads - saving lives of English speaking street kids in Jerusalem
  • Dr. Menachem Gottesman of the Meled School - the last chance 'saloon' for high school kids
  • Libby Reichman of Big Brothers/Sisters of Israel - everyone needs a big bro/sis from time to time
  • Zev Birger of Dental Volunteers for Israel - free dental clinic for Jerusalem's neediest children
  • Bradley Cohen of All for the Kids - raising funds to support existing programs for children around the world
  • Yoel Dorkam of Yaakov Maimon Volunteers - helping new immigrants feel at home
  • Alice Jonah of the Diplomat Absorption Facility - helping elderly Russian immigrants live a dignified life
  • Phyllis Heimowitz of the organization for the Emotional Support of Girlfriends of Fallen IDF Soldiers - helping the girlfriends piece their lives back together
  • Shmuel Munk and Yoram Mordechai of Bayit Cham - rehabilitating people with mental illness and depression via vocational training and job placement
  • Joseph Gitler of Table to Table - Israel's premier food recycling program including Leket - picking the fields for hungry people
  • Asher Elias of Tech Careers - Hi tech training for Ethiopians
  • Miriam Freier of Shalhevet - Independent living for people in wheelchairs
  • David Zahavi of Yitav 109 - a telephone reassurance program for the elderly
  • Linda Mosek of Click - making elders a productive part of a society
  • Yitz Feigenbaum and Irit Zucker of Bet Hayeled - helping to raise about ten kids in a warm and loving environment, and continuing to raise another 8 "graduates"

Our Favorite Mitzvah Hero Agents

  • Amnon - owner of a stationery and small toys store - recognizes a need and actively pursues remedying it.
  • Harel - mechanic and owner of a garage/body shop, but...he is the man with the golden soul and calming way, the essence of a human being. People come to him from far and near with their problems, and he does best to help out.
  • The good people at Atzum - working with survivors of terror (now named the Roberta Project for Survivors of Terror, after our dear Roberta, z"l), Righteous Gentiles, and foreign workers. Pictured here is Yael Rosen, who maintains very close contacts with all Righteous Gentiles and Rescuers living in Israsel.
  • Channa - after her own son was injured in the army, she starting working with injured soldiers and their families, and hasn't stopped. It is almost a full time job for her (in addition to her real full time job!)
  • Zehava - feeding 7 families, with help from her friends in the neighborhood. Everyone contributes a few grocery items once a month, and Zehava (and her trusty assistant Karyn) get it all organized and delivered.
  • Perla - great Mitzvah lady, master of all things human. Perla is a certified specialist in (are you sitting down?) Hair Cutting and Design, Reiki, Baking, Gourmet Chef, Art, and more....and she uses these talents to help restore dignity to others.

Meet Some of Our Favorite Mitzvah Heroes who are not in Israel:

  • Rabbi Howard Gorin who arranges for boxes of "unwanted" Jewish Books to be picked up, packed, cleaned, stamped and eventually sent to Jewish Communities in Nigeria and other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Dr. E. Fogel, providing therapy and counsel to holocaust survivors as well as a link for us to know who needs help with food, rent assistance, etc.
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