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Inspired by the work
and teachings of
Danny Siegel
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Educational Resources

We will be adding many more Tzedakah educational resources for you over the next several months.

** Click here to read Bill Begal's article "The Making of a Mitzvah hero"

** Click here to read Arthur Kurzweil's article about giving Tzedakah money to a beggar.

** Why did we choose a Pomegranate as our symbol?

** Danny Siegel's 116 Practical Mitzvah Suggestions

** Danny Siegel's Translation (with Original Hebrew) of Maimonides' Eight Levels of Giving Tzedakah

** "The Purr of the Cat", an article by Avshalom Beni (of HAMA), Israel's foremost leader in Animal Assisted Therapy

** "So You’re Having A Bar/ Bat Mitzvah", an article by Danny Siegel

** "Yom Kippur Chinuch", by Mary Myerson

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