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Danny Siegel
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Who is Danny Siegel

Danny Siegel is often referred to as "The Worlds Greatest Expert on Microphilanthropy", "The Feeling Person's Thinker", and "The Pied Piper of Tzedakah".

He (www.dannysiegel.com) is a well-known author, lecturer, and poet who has spoken in more than 500 North American communities, to communal organizations, synagogues, JCC's, Federations, on Tzedakah and Jewish values. "Tzedakah" is loosely translated as 'charity', though a better translation is 'righteous giving'.

Danny is the author of 29 books on such topics as practical and personalized giving, and has produced an anthology of 500 selections of Biblical and Talmudic quotes about living life called Where Heaven and Earth Touch. Danny is also a poet and several of his published books are poetry.

Danny Siegel founded the Ziv Tzedakah Fund (www.ziv.org) in 1981 after making several trips to Israel carrying money to be distributed to those in need. Jewish tradition teaches that anyone on a mission of good deeds will be saved from harm, and so, on each trip, Danny followed this age-old custom and asked friends and relatives for a dollar or two to give away to Tzedakah upon his arrival in the Holy Land.

Once in Israel, Danny went in search of Mitzvah heroes, those Good People, ordinary Israelis who were doing extra-ordinary work, by simply in trying to make the world a better place. Within a short time, he learned of the efforts of such greats as Hadassah Levi, who made her life's work the rescue of abandoned Down Syndrome babies from hospitals, Myriam Mendilow, who found Jerusalem's poor, elderly residents on the streets of the city and gave them respect and new purpose in her program, Yad L'Kashish (Lifeline for the Old), or Uri Lupolianski, a young teacher who started Israel's now famous lending program, Yad Sarah, in his living room. (Uri is currently the mayor of Jerusalem).

Returning from each trip, Danny wrote a one-page report to all of his donors in which he described all of the places that he had distributed their Tzedakah money. From that first $955 Danny collected and gave away, Ziv had grown to an organization that in 2007 completed its 32nd year of operation and has distributed more than $10,000,000. (In 2006 alone, over $2,000,000 was given away to people in need).

Danny has a B.S. in Comparative Literature from Columbia University's School of General Studies, and a Bachelor's and Master's of Hebrew Literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

He is one of three recipients of the prestigious 1993 Covenant Award for Exceptional Jewish Educators.

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